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Our mission is build diverse and inclusive workplaces

Our Story

At this point, everyone knows the stats. Inclusive organizations are more innovative, have greater returns, lower turnover, and capture more market share than their less diverse peers. Inclusion, anti-racism, and tolerance have been C-level issues for years, but companies are still struggling with the most basic D&I issues! 


The world is changing and we can get left behind, or we can drive that change.


LeanDEI is a joint offering from OrgAnalytix, Weeve, and TurnKey Coaching Solutions. We have partnered together with a vision of helping companies create inclusive cultures that are tolerant of all differences.


Currently solutions fail because D&I is seen as a one-off initiative, not a core strategy. LeanDEI combines next-gen technology with expert coaching to deliver a right-sized solution that engages your internal champions of change, fosters tolerance, and cultivates a culture of inclusion.


LeanDEI does not mean you start from scratch. We believe in helping organizations leverage their existing programs and internal champions of change. Our approach is targeted, right-sized, and focuses on incremental change through continuous improvement.

Our Management Team


Shwetha Pai

CEO, OrgAnalytix


Vivek Mehta

CEO, Weeve


Anisa Aven

CEO, TurnKey Coaching Solutions

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