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Build a Diverse Talent Pipeline

Create an environment that cultivates and promotes diverse workforce in order to retain top talent and strengthen the talent pool. Diverse employers also attract more top-tier employees, helping them create a deep and strong employee bench.

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Companies with diverse talent pool are:


more likely to promote diverse leaders within the companies


higher in retention of top talent


more innovative than their peers

Continuous Cultural Transformation

Key Challenges

Organizations that solely focus on missing business opportunities and “leaving money on the table” often neglect the fact that people bring business to the table. With such a diverse talent pool in the world, lacking the ability to properly engage and actualize its potential, organizations are turning a blind eye to ideas that could elevate their company to new heights.

Today, there are more professional opportunities, so turnover becomes high when people don’t feel engaged and like they are contributing to their full potential and making a contribution to a company with a worthy mission.

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Lean DEI Approach


Build a Talent Strategy that is unique to your team's needs

Understand the current true employee contribution to the team culture and dynamics, by analyzing the connections between employees, as well as gaps that need to be addressed via recruitment or leadership development. Build talent bench-strength via focused efforts on addressing biases in hiring and promotion processes, and managerial training on inclusive behaviors.



Engage with your employees on topics that matter

Leaders can solicit feedback and confer with employees, at scale in order to:

  • Discuss the importance of hiring diverse, non-traditional candidates

  • Determine if there are any roadblocks, issues, or blind spots in current processes that aren't being addressed

  • Include diversity, equity & inclusion knowledge in hiring/promotion

  • Gain fresh perspective on the culture by surveying new hires as they on-board into the organization

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Hi-tech meets High-Touch, as appropriate for your team's needs

Our Diversity Recruitment experts remain involved from the beginning to ensure your hiring managers and recruiters have the adequate support they need to educate, build awareness, and resolve any outstanding gaps. Our experts will:


  • Facilitate Diversity, equity & inclusion activities, listening circles, and training, both for managers and for employee base on the whole

  • Promote diversity, equity & inclusion value and work to create a new culture

  • Cultivate awareness of the need for cultural intelligence and sensitivity

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