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Build Best-in-Class Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

Create high trust relationships, inspire cross-organizational collaboration, and foster a sense of belonging for underrepresented employees in an organization.

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Companies with well established ERGs are:


more likely to retain their top underrepresented talent


higher diverse applicant rate for open roles


more likely to advance minority employees into leadership positions

Continuous Cultural Transformation

Key Challenges

  • Involvement from Employees: Everyone is busy with their jobs and family lives, and ERGs are just not a priority for most employees, making it difficult for leaders to drive engagement into ERGs initially without the right people involved.

  • Often, if ERGs are set up incorrectly, they can actually breed a culture of resistance within the organization. This culture fosters further hostilities and exclusionary behaviors against underrepresented groups, thereby hurting the Inclusion efforts, instead of helping the team become more cohesive.

  • Community building can often be hindered due to lack of focus, leadership, and influence. If others think that being involved doesn't provide them with the right exposure, then they are likely to disengage entirely.

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Lean DEI Approach


Customize your ERG strategy to your team's needs

Understand how your team currently works together, the gaps in the social cohesion of the team, and how to best amplify current processes to ensure ERG success. Our basic network analysis helps leaders better discern:


  • Which ERGS should be created and invested in first, and which existing ones can be deprioritized

  • Which employees are most at risk of feeling isolated and need ERG support urgently, and

  • Who are the key leaders best placed to make these ERGs a success



Engage with your employees and get timely feedback, at scale

Our empathetic AI technology allows leaders to converse with their employees at scale to understand ERG effectiveness on a real-time basis. Our cutting-edge natural language processing allows leaders to:


  • Have conversations with all of their members about issues around ERGs, gaps, and unaddressed needs at scale.

  • Communication and broadcast existing programs, mentorship and social opportunities, events and resources directly to the members most interested in getting involved.

  • Enlist new members for the ERGs through regular conversations which recommend the right ERG involvement to meet their needs

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Bring in Expert help when necessary to troubleshoot at the right time

  • Micro consulting for unofficial leaders to understand how to build a community, and educate them on ERG success tips

  • Build conflict management soft skill development to ensure ERG event success

  • Executive coaching to build the right leadership, backing and expertise for leading ERGS

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