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Address Unconscious Bias

Identify unconscious biases and arm leaders with the data, training, and skills necessary to make a change.

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Companies where employees perceive to have biased culture are:


more likely to have disengaged employees


more likely to have employees leave in <1 year


more likely to have employees withhold ideas and solutions

Continuous Cultural Transformation

Key Challenges

Just creating an awareness of the bias actually hurts employee culture since it breads resistance and creates a backlash for minority employees. Research has shown that bias training actually instills biases, instead of addressing the harmful behaviors resulting from these biases.

Unconscious bias can be the underlying causes behind why diverse employees often feel disenfranchised, which can sap their motivation and team productivity.

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Lean DEI Approach


Identify and Measure Unconscious Biases

Organizational Network Analysis pinpoints the biases in an organization, the employees effected, and the leaders who are positioned to make a difference.

Uncover the root drivers of biases by identifying:

  • Key influencers who can impact behavioral change in the team

  • Employees whose behaviors can be rewarded and amplified to use as examples

  • Employees on the periphery most likely to be impacted by the biased behaviors



Influence employee behavior

Kim, our empathetic AI chatbot, will deep dive on the specific needs each employee group has. Insights from conversations are delivered to the leaders who are best suited to solve that specific issue for that specific group.

  • Understand the specific behaviors that are fueling biases

  • Engage with key influencers to understand and broadcast resources for them to use around unconscious bias

  • Provide a voice to the disenfranchised employees on the periphery of the networks who are impacted by biased behaviors and help leaders understand their challenges.

  • Crowdsource ideas from them on how to correct issue going forward.

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Ensure that influencers are effective

  • Provide one-on-one coaching for the influential employees displaying biased behavior to help them correct and address the impact of their bias

  • Build a development/training program to help leaders identify and address their own behaviors on a day-to-day basis -

  • Micro-consulting to help leaders build community and a culture of psychological safety.

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