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Deter Discrimination Lawsuits

Correct any discriminatory behaviors and prevent future avoidable consequences through trainings, coaching, and consulting on cultural norms.

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Discrimination lawsuits are a tangible risk:

6 of 10

employers will face a lawsuit


average cost even when ruled in company favor


cases are ruled in plaintiff's favor

Continuous Cultural Transformation

Key Challenges

Employers are most often blind-sided by discrimination lawsuits. People leaders only have visibility into anecdotal problems as they crop up, but lack that data and metrics to identify and mitigate legal risks before they escalate out of control.

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Lean DEI Approach


Identify at-risk populations and potential hot-spots for avoidable issues

Our simple Network Analysis identifies employees who are disengaged and underutilized. Employees that face bias and have little access to leadership-level advocates are potentially at-risk for hostile environments. Network analysis can also identify the communication gaps or clogs that can prevent issues and incidents from bubbling up as appropriate.



Establish a direct line of communication and real-time employee feedback

Kim, our empathetic AI chatbot, will deep dive on the specific needs each at-risk employee group has and create a direct line of communication between those employees and leadership.

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Escalate Critical Issues

Create a pipeline to identify issues BEFORE they become incidents and bubble them up to the appropriate escalation and resolution avenues. Learn more ->

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Automated Check-ins

Proactively pulse employee sentiment and connect them to the right resources immediately, rather than waiting until it's too late. Learn more ->

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Ensure impactful action

Our experts will create proactive anti-discrimination and anti-racism policies and training based on the issues and at-risk employee groups identified. Building the right communication pipelines, creating meaningful policy change, and influencing behavioral change at the leadership level de-risks legal escalation.

Further, our on-call experts are available to help address ad-hoc critical issues as they surface, and create the right mitigation strategies.

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