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Build an Inclusive Culture

An inclusive culture is a requirement, not a avoidable luxury. Create an environment where all employees feels included ensures they are able to express their full creativity and potential within the company.

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Companies with an Inclusive culture build competitive advantages:


less likely to have disengaged employees ready to leave the company


of annual savings from increased efficiency and productivity


less likely to have employees say that they withheld ideas and market solutions

Continuous Cultural Transformation

Key Challenges

Statistics show that when employees do not feel they have an environment of inclusion, they are more likely to leave within two years. Additionally, non-inclusive environments result in disengaged and actively disengaged workforce which cannot operate at its full innovative capacity.

A lack of inclusivity and equity can also result in a serious market disconnect.

Do you remember H&M’s 2018 “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” coupled with a black boy model? Or what about the controversy and negative PR the 2017 Dove soap Facebook ad? The Dove ad started with a black woman removing her brown shirt to an Asian woman removing the whitest shirt, appearing to viewers, as suggestive of moving from unclean to clean.

From missed opportunities to complete cluelessness and marketing faux pas, companies that are not inclusive have major blind spots that lead to potentially brand damaging missteps in outreach and advertising.

  • Minority employees often feel left out and unheard or dismissed and become disengaged, disheartened and demoralized

  • Tension builds which creates conflict in the workplace which may lead to:

    • Arguments

    • Resignations

    • Excessive time spent in team problem solving

  • Less productive

  • Less goal focused

  • Lowering of team morale

  • Disruption in team dynamic

  • Lawsuits

  • Discrimination 

  • Harassment

  • Retaliation

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Lean DEI Approach


Customize your DEI Strategy to fit the unique needs of your organization

Identify those most at-risk of being disenfranchised

  • Our simple Network Analysis that identifies employees who are on the periphery of your trust and social networks, or are not connected to the key change sponsors in the team. Employees who face bias and have little access to leadership-level advocates are potentially at-risk of being in hostile environments.

Find any communication gaps, clogs or silos

  • These network inefficiencies prevent issues and incidents from bubbling up in a timely manner, leaving managers exposed to only becoming aware of the problem when it is too late to prevent or correct.

Amplify and Reward those employees and managers who lead by example

  • Many key employees and leaders play informal roles in teams that supplement their day-to-day jobs and help the team and organization build cohesion within the ranks.



Engage with employees, at scale, on the topic that matter most to them

Kim, our empathetic AI chatbot, will deep dive on the specific needs each employee group has. Further more, Kim is available 24/7, anytime an employee wants to escalate a critical issue - creating a direct line to leadership before an incident becomes public.


Insights from conversations are delivered to the leaders who are best suited to solve that specific issue for that specific group.


Kim will engage employees in solution-building, crowdsourcing suggestions for improvement that are guaranteed to be effective. And finally, she will check-in over time to ensure that each employee issue has been solved.

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Get expert help at the right time, for the right employees

Our Sustainable Transformation experts ensure that leaders are able to take the right actions and decisions, based on employee feedback and sentiment.


We monitor insights from engagement conversations with Kim, and will proactively reach out to people leaders to help in action-planning, driving change, and communicating solutions.


Our Sustainable Transformation experts are also available on-demand, anytime a leader needs help they can receive personalized micro-consulting, trainings, and coaching which is specifically targeted at addressing employee needs.

Want to learn more?

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