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Create a diverse and inclusive organization

Lean DEI combines next-gen AI with coaching to deliver a right-sized solution that engages your internal champions of change, fosters tolerance, and cultivates a culture of inclusion.

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Continuous Cultural Transformation

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Organizational Network Analysis identifies;
unconscious biases, the employees who are
impacted, and the key people leaders who can
make a difference.


Kim, our Empathetic AI chatbot, is an
always available resource for employees
to voice their needs. She intelligently
deep-dives to actionable issues, and
escalates them to people leaders.

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People leaders have access to expert D&I
consultants for education, training, and
coaching. Enabling them to take the right
actions and make the right decisions.

Position Your Influencers for Success

Every organization has key D&I influencers that aren’t obvious from the Org Chart. Move beyond vanity metrics and impact behavior by identifying these individuals and providing them with the resources they need.

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Identify issues before they become incidents

Kim stays continuously engaged with your employees. Her unique combination of anonymity + empathy empowers employees to talk about the issues that matter the most to them. Rapid feedback cycles prevent incident exposure.

Drive Change at All Levels

Traditionally, coaching has been limited to the most senior executives. Ensure lasting transformation by giving all people leaders the opportunity to develop best-in-class leadership, team building, and decision-making.


Interested in Lean DEI for your organization?

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